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About PSA

The Plainfield Soccer Association traces it’s roots back to 1982. Founded by two Plainfield residents, seeking to organize a soccer program for their children. Formation started with a letter of inquiry to the Plainfield Park District, which led to the article’s publication in the local newspaper - Plainfield Enterprise. 

The publicity brought heightened awareness and a call from park district officials, to discuss a soccer proposal. Several meetings ensued. With an accord struck, PSA would use park district fields and a few soccer balls. A group of volunteers would provide the organizational skills, coaching and referees. 

The first session was organized with 78 players, divided into six teams. Few in the organization knew much about soccer. During this formative period, the organization prospered primarily thru the enthusiasm and tenacity of the board and it’s coaches. The program grew by word of mouth. The following Spring, PSA participants totalled 250 players. In 1985, a Winter session was added, with teams playing at a Plainfield area Junior High School. 

As teams became competitive and individual skills improved, travel teams were formed. The earliest teams were not well organized. Few noticed as some seasons, travel play occurred, some seasons not. In 1986, a travel team of U8 players entered a Fall tournament and played well. The team, placed in the Silver division, competed successfully. 

These days, PSA’s recreational program totals 3,000+ players. The travel program, now branded Plainfield United Soccer Club.