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About Fire Juniors Cadets

Fire Juniors Cadets FAQs

What are the Fire Juniors Cadets? 

The Fire Juniors Cadets is a training program run by Chicago Fire Juniors West (CFJ West) for its recreational soccer partner PSA during PSA's fall and spring seasons. 

This additional training sessions takes place 1 time per week and is designed to supplement PSA players training with skill building sessions. This training is designed and coached by a member of the CFJ West's professional coaching staff. This is not designed to replace PSA training. The PSA player will attend their regular training and games with their PSA team and coach, but attend an additional session on Friday with the Fire Juniors Cadets. 

When are the Fire Juniors Cadet Sessions?

         U5/U6/U7 Boys and Girls - 6pm - 7pm 
         U8/U9/U10 Boys and Girls - 6pm - 7pm

What will my child gain from this experience? 

These sessions will progress each training session and over the course of the season to build players' confidence, technical skills, and game understanding.  

The player will also receive developmentally appropriate coaching which emphasizes the Chicago Fire and CFJ West values. This inclusion into a larger Chicago Fire family offers unique opportunities for players with outings to the professional Chicago Fire games and information regarding the club's perspective of player development. Activities will consist of small sided games and 1 player to 1 ball games to maximize each players ability to develop skill and confidence as a soccer player.

The program will focus on improving players abilities in the following areas of the game:

  • Ball control with different parts of each foot
  • Striking the ball techniques for goal scoring and passing
  • 1-V-1 skill moves such as "scissors", step-overs, and body feints
  • Turning skills to evade defenders and find space
  • Shooting and finishing 
  • Proprioception and coordination of the body 

Who should register? 

We recommend PSA players who enjoy the game, are enthusiastic about learning more about soccer, and players who have done well/ shown potential in their PSA play. We especially recommend this to players who are considering trying out for CFJ West, the official travel club partner of PSA. 

What does my player receive? 

Players will receive a CFJ West Fire Juniors Cadet tee-shirt. 

What should we bring? 

Bring a ball and water. Please wear soccer cleats, athletic clothing, your Cadet Academy tee-shirt (once received) and shin-guards covered by soccer socks. We recommend a size 4 for ages 7 and older. For ages 5 and 6 we recommend a size 3 ball.